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Diagnosis and Treatment of HCV Infection in Children

Volumn 33, Issue 4 - December 01, 2009

 HCV infection in children is different from the adult infection in many ways like natural course of the disease; duration, therapeutic response and side effects profile of the drug therapy; and prognosis. Special considerations include what is the appropriate time to investigate a suspected child, when to institute drug therapy and how to prevent vertical transmission. Although, over the past one decade, many landmark studies have greatly increased our insight on this subject, we are far from developing a consensus statement. In this article, a concise yet comprehensive review of HCV infection in children – diagnosis and treatment - is given followed by suggested recommendations at the end. It is hoped that these recommendations will help develop local guidelines on this subject. Feedback to help improve/modify these recommendations by those experienced in dealing with the children will be welcome.

Key Words: Chronic Hepatitis C. Children. Antiviral Therapy.

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