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Cost of Patient Care in Neonatal Unit

Volumn 33, Issue 1 - March 01, 2009

All health facilities should be evaluated for in terms of cost effectiveness1. In developing countries with limited resources, economical considerations are of paramount importance. Making health systems cost effective is imperative in countries in developing world.

The Government of Pakistan is spending 2.5% of GDP on health. There are 6.8 hospital beds per 10 000 population2. With these limitations, it is vital that whatever resources are available to the health department, be spent judiciously, wisely and cost effectively.

Neonatal units and especially the Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are among the most expensive units1,3 in a hospital but very limited data is available on the expenses incurred in developing countries1, Pakistan in particular. This study was done with the aim of estimating the average expenditure in the neonatal unit of the Children’s Hospital and The Institute of Child Health, Lahore Pakistan.

Key words: Cost of care, patient care, neonatal unit costs

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