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Oral Hygiene and Dietary Habits among Primary School Children, in Urban Karachi.

Volumn 35, Issue 3 - September 01, 2011

To measure the occurrence of oral hygiene habits and dietary practices in 6 - 12 years old children, to set a bench mark for later studies on similar groups.

Study Type

Cross sectional study.

Subjects , Materials and Methods

The data was collected through self responding questionnaires sent to the parents of primary school
children from urban Karachi. We received 610 appropriately filled forms. Inclusion criteria were student age and parental consent to provide information. There were no exclusion criteria, except to exclude grossly incomplete forms.


We observed a comparable mix of practice patterns as we match up the results with similar national  and international studies.There were no discrete extremes of prevalence, either of poor or of
good habits and/or practices.

We concluded that in such a diversity of practices,particularly at a crucial stage of life (being transition to permanent dentition and habit formation), school children could substantially
benefit from interventions like prevention programs.
Key words

Oral hygiene habits, dietary practices, primary school, risk factors, children, Karachi, Pakistan.


Future Opportunities
We look forward to researchers using this data to put up more detailed studies to explore the impact of interventions directed at preventive programs.