Welcome to Pakistan Pediatric Association


Message from the President

Assallam Alaikum.
With the advent of Internet, the world is now reduced to 'Global village'.

This further helps in communication and sharing of information and knowledge across the country as well across geographic and social borders.

Pakistan Pediatric association has been on course to keep up with changing trends and modalities.

This web page has been upgraded time and again since its inception in 2001. Incidently, I was general secretary when this internet access was established.

It is hoped that regular attention to details coupled with journal copies are made available for the literature enthusiasts and researchers for attainment of better communication and usage of this resource.

All ideas for improvement are welcome.

I look forward to continued growth of this tool in future.

Best wishes and Regards

Prof. Tahir Masood Ahmad
PPA Center 2014-2016.