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 Child’s Mental Health: Investing In The Future of the Nation.

The era we are going through is undoubtedly full of multiple and multidimensional turmoil. One can see a lot of unsolvable problems around, ranging from corruption to terrorism; from lawlessness to interpersonal conflicts. Alongside there are endless efforts by the responsible agencies to rectify the situation, but in vain. Reason being that society is not finding the roots of the problems for which a major contributory factor, if not the only one, is how the personality make up of a person is structured in childhood. These very distorted upbringing patterns, we all know, lead to disorganized behavioral effects and personality disorders, and ultimately a bizarre society.  
      This calls for a campaign to be driven to target the onset of personality conflicts, leading to social evils, faced by us today and to be faced and aggravated in the days to come.
     Department of Psychiatry Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, therefore announces the holding of 2nd National conference on the topic in Sept 26-28 this year in Hyderabad, in collaboration with Pakistan Psychiatric Society and Pakistan Pediatric Association, with the objective in mind to sensitize the pillars and important contributors of society development; by means of lectures, seminars, and workshops, about this ignorant area. 
     In view of seriousness & importance of the issue, we are looking forward to the cooperation & zealous participation of all those sectors of the society who are relevant to Child & Adolescent psychological & behavioral development and reform.
Your participation & contribution to the cause will be highly appreciated.
Prof. Moin Ahmed Ansari
Dr. Darya Khan Laghari