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PPA centre has been actively involved with the inclusion of New Vaccines in the EPI for the children of Pakistan

 PPA centre has been actively involved with  the inclusion of New Vaccines in the EPI for the children of Pakistan. In 2002 , Hepatitis B vaccine was included in EPI.In 2008 , HiB vaccine was also made freely available to EPI Centres and now in 2012 , Pneumococcal vaccine is going to be part of  the EPI Schedule. This all has been made possible by immense  efforts and hard work done by PPA , NEFAC and Health ministry of Pakistan with funding  made possible by donor agencies, like GAVI , WHO & UNICIEF.

             PPA centre in this regard and also to address to the following rates of EPI coverage, held meetings with the Proviancial branch offices bearers and organized seminars to address to  this serious issue.

          Haiko held press conferences at Karachi , Lahore and Islamabad press clubs  to create an awareness compaign and bring it to notice of the print media.

         Hence loud and clear messages were delivered by President PPA Centre , Dr.A.M.Jogezai , Secretary General Prof. Zareen Fasih and the presidents & the secretary  general of respective branches.

Important suggestions and line of Action were deliberated upon which we as follows:-

1. Role of Paediatricians  for dissemination of knowledge for EPI Vaccines should be optomised.

2. Policy Decision at Provincial Level for EPI vaccines be made after devolution and the 6 month grace period.

3. To link vaccination of a child with issuing of B Form, Birth Certificates and school admission. Pneumococcal  vaccine is expensive and one should take care that it does not get stolen from the centres.

4. Special  attention should be given to maintain  the  Cold Chain.

5. With single dose vial injection , more storage space will be needed therefore multi-dose vial preparation should be requested.

6. All  paediatricians should be encouraged to give vaccines at their centres / clinics or else advice the family for vaccination.

7.  “Not for Sale” should be stamped on the vaccine or a Colour Code be indicated for free EPI Vaccines.

8 . To revamp the infra structure of EPI at managerial level.

9 . Accountibility at all levels of EPI from Management level to vaccinators.



10. Address to the EPI problem at Community Level i.e.:

            I  . Low Demand by masses

            II . Misconcepts regarding vaccines.

11. EPI vaccines should not be involved with NIDs and Polio Campaign.

12. Increase the number of Vaccinators / Union Council.

13. To improve the Role of Paediatrician and his active participation in decision and policy matters at National , Provincial , District & Local EPI working.

14. Hire a  press officer / public relation officer with job discipline to be a strong link  between the  media and PPA. To improve the liason between the Health Departments / Ministry of paediatrician.

15. To address to the push & pull factors for vaccine supply.

From the desk of Prof. Zarin Fasih ,

Secretary General PPA (Centre).

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It is Resolved that PPA Should nominate Prof Z.A. Bhutta  as President IPA for the forth-coming elections  of Internal Paediatric Association.

 Preposed  : Dr. A.M.K Jogezai

Secretary : Prof. Zareen Fasih

Dated : 29/12/2011