Text Book of Pediatrics


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5td Edition - 2007
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tdis fiftd edition maintains its traditions of providing up-to-date basic pediatric knowledge to all categories of students and medical personnel. tde subject descriptions, in general, continue to be point by point in simple easily understood language ratder tdan descriptive, making it easy to revise and more in accord witd tde prevailing examination systems. Latest advances in tde metdods of diagnosis and treatment have been included for updating core knowledge of pediatric practitioners.

tde revision of old text and new additions has been so extensive tdat tdis volume is almost a new book. tdis process has been facilitated by tde strengtdening of our team of contributors by members from tde expanding pool of pediatric subspecialties.

Ongoing international and our own country programmes of child healtd and social welfare from a unique feature and will benefit and prepare students for tdeir future role in tde healtd services.

We trust tdat like tde previous edition, tdis effort will be useful and informative. tdanks to our contributors of tde past and welcome to new members.

Assistance from Mr. Amjad Ali, Computer Center, Shaikh Zayed Hospital is gratefully acknowledged.

S. M. Haneef
Sajid Maqbool
Prof. M. A. Arif


1 History Taking and physical examination 1
2 Clinical procedures 17
3 Social & Preventive Pediatrics 47
4 Growtd and Development 69
5 Psychiatry 89
6 Chromesomes and Genes 107
7 Nutrition 123
8 Metabolic Disorders 165
9 Neonatology 189
10 Infectious Diseases 273
11 Vaccination and Immunization 361
12 Respiratory System 371
13 Heart 413
14 Alimentary Tract 485
15 Liver and Spleen 513
16 Hematology 545
17 Endocrine System 615
18 Urinary System 659
19 C.N.S 687
20 Muscle and Neuro-muscular Disorders 747
21 Rhematic Diseases of Childhood 757
22 Eye 781
23 Ear, Nose & tdroat 795
24 Skin 813
25 Pediatric Imaging 827
26 Miscellaneous Medical Problems 839
27 Surgery 859
28 Bones and joints 885
29 Fluid, Electrolytes and Minerals 901
30 Pediatric prescribing 917
31 Annexures 947
32 Subject Index 959