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On Sunday 8th June, 2014, an International seminar was held on pre and Probiotics under the auspice of Pakistan pediatric Association, Sindh branch and Center. The event took place in the spacious hall of Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi

Renowned consultants and academicians from Pakistan and abroad presented their papers and covered different aspects of the subject.

There was a learned crowd of about 350 doctors including consultants, Postgraduates students and junior doctors. The program was hosted by Dr. Bushra Rafique.

The event was started with the blessed name of Allah. Master Huzaifa Salat recited few versus from the Quran along with their translation

Then President PPA Sindh, Prof. Salma Sheikh and President PPA Center, Prof. Iqbal A. Memon Welcomed the audience.

Expert of panel for first scientific session consisted of Prof. Salma Sheikh, Prof. Inkisar Ali and Prof. Sohail Thobani. Presenters were, Dr. Druk form Italy, Prof. Huma Cheema from Lahore and Prof. Jalal Akber from host city of Karachi.

Dr. Druk gave a detailed review on pre and Probiotics. Prof. Huma Cheema talked about the role of Probiotics in diarrhea while Prof. Jalal Akbar’s Speech was on the Role of Probiotics in immunity and reparatory system

After tea break second scientific session started. Experts for this session were Prof. A. G. Billoo, Prof. Iqbal .A Memon and Prof. Khursheed Anwar. While Prof. Waseem Jaffiri, Prof. Iqbal A. Memon and Prof. Sohail Salat presented their scientific papers.

Prof. Iqbal A. Memon gave good account of Diarrhea Dehydration and Role of Probiotics. Prof. Waseem Jaffiri focused on Therapeutic Aspects while Prof. Sohail Salat on Neonatal uses of Probiotics.

The session was followed by distribution of badges and shields. Prof. Jalal Akber, General Secretary PPA Sindh, thanked everyone to make this seminar a success. At the end, lunch was served on time at 2.00 Pm.