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Report of PPA activity Tharparkar 30-31st March 2014

 Report of PPA activity Tharparkar 30-31st March 2014


A team of senior PPA members from Sindh Branch and Center have embarked on a trip to the disaster area.

The teams comprised of

1st team : Prof.Jamal Raza, Associate Professor Khemchand Moorani, Dr. Yaqoob,

2nd team: Prof. Jalal Akbar, Dr. Khalid Zubairi, Dr. Tariq 

 Another team has visited under the leadership of Prof. Iqbal Memon, the report of which will follow.

Following activities were performed.

The first two teams met with the local administrator and discussed with them the current scenario and the challenges. The team also visited Civil Hospital Mithi , the pediatric unit and looked at the various problems. The teams also carried with them medicines for common medical problems and a specialized high density food for children with acute severe malnutrition.

1.    Medical Camps

1.First camp was established at Karihaar, a small village about 20 kilometers away from Mithi towards Diplo. The camp was advertised beforehand therefore children from the neighboring villages also attended the camp. About 200   children attended the camp with various problems and were attended and provided treatment

2. Second camp was established at Haryar, another village about 45 kilometers north of Mithi towards Chachro. This was a heavy camp and around 500 children were screened for different problems and provided medicines and special food supplements.3. Third camp: was established at Nagarparkar area and a large number of children were seen there


Liaison with Secretary Health

On return the team briefed the secretary health who was present in Mithi about the development and various options from the side of PPA to improve the situation. The team also briefed the Secretary about the work PPA have so far carried out in the disaster both at the individual level and at the organizational level. It was also offered to the

Training and teaching session for the posted doctors.

To utilize the presence of senior doctors, it was proposed that the team of senior doctors will have a small training session with doctors who are present in the hospital to improve their capacity to deal the children presenting at the facility. A training session was planned and carried out at Mithi Civil hospital talking about the management of the common problems encountered at the Pediatric ward

Development of Protocol:

During the discussion with the Secretary, a need was pointed out at the local level to improve the knowledge of the doctors present. The team offered to make written protocols of common problems to improve the survival of children. Such protocols will be provided at Civil hospital and later other hospital

Stationing of pediatricians

In order to look at the midterm solution, a team of pediatrician has been posted at MIthi Civil hospital that included doctors from NICH. These doctors will not only deliver services at the hospital during their stay, they will also help build the capacity of the doctors posted there.

Given the situation many such efforts are required also long term solutions should be thought of. We all strive for the betterment of our children.


Prof. Syed Jamal Raza