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All PPA Members and Well-Wisher are Requested to Kindly Donate Funds For IDPs North Waziristan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Title ; PPA Emergency Relief Fund Account No ; 31983-3 NBP Peshawar University branch Peshawar For international donors the details are as follow IBAN Acc No is PK 13 NBPA 0825002200031983 and swift code is NBPAPK02P

Press Release Strongly Condemn

All PPA Members and wellwisher are requested to kindly donate the Funds for Thar Victom in the follwing Bank

Account #:- 00080160511803
Swift Code:- HABBPKKA007
Account Title:- Pakistan Pediatric Association
Bank:- Habib Bank Limited (HBL),
Iddgah Branch, M. A. Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Recent Event



Measles Epidemics: Call to boost up routine immunization

The recent epidemics of Measles in Sindh and parts of Punjab have highlighted the poor EPI coverage across Pakistan. This also creates a risk of other communicable diseases covered by EPI.

It is therefore appealed to all health professionals and pediatric to put all their efforts to boost up the status of routine immunization across Pakistan.

Let us all contribute in this endeavor.

Prof. Aisha Mehnaz
Secretary General
PPA Center. 2014-2016


Pakistan Pediatric Association

The Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) is a National Association of All Child Specialists (Pediatricians) of Pakistan. The PPA's members are qualified pediatricians. In this section, learn more about how to become a PPA member and its benefits.



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Each PPA branch performs several functions and activities. Here, you can read through current and past PPA branches activities and news bulletin.

Circular & Notice of Biennial Election / GB Minutes 2012-2014 & Nomination Form For the Elections of PPA Sindh & Center 2016-2018

IDPs North Waziristan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Relief Fund

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